Sales of metallurgical materials

STAVOKOV offers for sale a wide range of metallurgical materials in its store at the company’s headquarters.

Offered assortment of metallurgical material:

  • reinforcing steels
  • coiling and binding wires
  • steel mesh for concrete
  • cold and hot rolled steel sheets, black and galvanized
  • open and closed profiles, square and rectangular
  • isosceles and unequal – angles
  • steel pipes seam, seamless, precision
  • round bars drawn and rolled
  • flat drawn and rolled bars
  • square bars
  • rolled bars of cross-section I, IPE, U, T, HEA, HEB, HEM
  • floor gratings black and galvanized according to the customer’s order
  • other metallurgical material according to the customer’s order

Services offered in connection with the sale of metallurgical materials:

  • cutting and bending of steel reinforcement into concrete according to the drawing documentation provided by the customer
  • cutting, sawing, bending, burning of purchased metallurgical material according to customer requirements
  • transportation of purchased metallurgical material to the destination according to customer requirements

Place of sale: Brnianska 12/2934, 911 01 Trenčín (Head Office)

Open hours:

Monday – Friday             7,00 – 15,00 hod.


Sales Manager:

REPA Dominik 

T: +421 32 65106 60

Fax: +421 32 65106 61

                                               M: +421 903 446 508