Bridge on the road I/11 – Highway D3 Čadca, Bukov-Svrčinovec

Subject of the contract:
Production and assembly of the steel structure of the bridge.
The load-bearing steel structure of the bridge consists of nine full-beams connected by end crossbeams. The main load-bearing part of the mesh of each bridge consists of continuous solid I-beams. There are a total of nine beams in cross section. The beams are combined in triplicate into assembly blocks. The walls of the beams are reinforced with vertikal reinforcements. The load-bearing structure is placed on reinforced concrete supports, the width of which corresponds to the variable width of the bridge. The substructure is formed by extreme supports, on which the supporting structure is placed by three bearings. The foundation of the bridge is designed in depth on large-diameter piles.
Čadca, SK
The period of the execution of the works:
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